Book One: The Door

Original New LBGTQ+ Fantasy Series that everyone can enjoy! 


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The Door to Cypress

Witches, Lawmen, Demons, Banshees and Gladiators. Nothing is off the table. Nothing is certain. Everything is possible.


The Cypress Series Book One: The Door

  Kyra King, an ordinary gardener, is perfectly content with her mundane life—until her brother goes missing. As the mystery of his disappearance unfolds, she learns more about herself than she ever thought possible. Including why she has always seen a mysterious man in her dreams named Tyr.

The fallout of Kyra’s discovery sends her on a perilous journey from her quiet town to the mysterious Door to Cypress. With the help of a rookie Lawman and a demon as old as sin itself, Kyra is faced with the question of who she really is—and what she’s capable of.

On the other side of the Door, Cypress isn't the beacon it once was. War has ravaged the land, and a tyrant sits on the throne. Magic users are at odds with the ungifted, struggling to survive in a world where their presence is no longer tolerated. Only the bravest still keep up the fight, including Tyr, a former soldier who seeks to rescue the Fallen King and put an end to the madness.

When Kyra finally arrives at the Door, will she step inside, or will she deny the call of destiny?